What are the Benefits of Regression Testing? Why we Perform Regression Testing?

Regression testing may definitely be performed manually, and it is also performed by re-executing a subset of complete and full test cases or by using some sort of automated capture playback tools too.


1. Regression testing increases our chances of detecting bugs caused by changes to a software and application- either enhancements or defect fixes. Also keep one thing in mind that we also don’t give any sort of guarantee that for performing regression testing there are never any sort of side effects also.

2. Regression testing also detects undesirable side caused always by changing the operating environment. 

3. The set about regression test is much useful for a new way about doing integration testing. This new mode is quite faster and little confusing than the old way about doing integration testing- but you always need a some sort of set about regression test to do it.


Regression testing will be considered after a bug fixed or when any area of functionality changed. During bug fixing method some part of coding may be changed or even functionality may be also manipulated so due to this change we have to perform Regression Testing.


At end we conclude that regression testing may be considered manually or using some sort of automated tools too.

The purpose behind regression testing is very simple and straight. We obviously know that changes to an existing sort of system often cause some other things to break and decline.

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