Sunday, March 4, 2012

What is Software Validation? Why we Need Validation?

Software Validation is considered as the process of confirming that the software always meets its customer requirements and specifications too. Validation testing is performed after the coding phase is over.

Validation provides final assurance that software definitely meets complete functional, behavioral, and all performance requirements.

Why we always have need of validation? When every step of SDLC has been verified, than why we demand to test the product at the end? Below the reasons are explaining in brief:

Why Software Validation is Needed?

1. To regulate whether the product satisfies the user’s requirements, as stated in the requirement specification.

2. To regulate whether the product’s absolute behavior matches the desired behavior, as represented or described in the functional design specification.

3. It is not always convinced that all the stages till coding are bug-free. Those bugs which are still present in the software after the coding phase need to be uncovered as soon as possible.

4. Validation testing provides the last chance to discover bugs, otherwise these bugs will move to the closing or final product released to the customer.

5. Validation enhances the quality of software.


Validation is the mechanism of confirmation by examination or you can say through provision of detached evidence that the requirements for a specific measured use or application have been fulfilled effectively or not.

Validation always refers to a divers set of activities that definitely ensures that the software that has been evolve is traceable to customer requirements and specifications or not.

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