Why do Bugs occur in the software?

Bugs are a mismatch between expected result and actual result. Bugs play an important role in software testing.

In little we can say that bugs can be of diver’s types which could be always effective in software testing. Software bugs pose a great threat to the software industry.

Why Bugs Occur in the Software?

Plentiful studies have been on very little projects to extremely large ones and the analysis shows various causes of bugs in the software, few of them are listed below: -

1. One of the extreme causes is the specification. In several cases, specifications are the largest producer of bugs. Either specifications are not written, specifications are not thorough enough, constantly changing or not communicated well to the development team.

2. Another  bigger reason is that software is always created by human beings. They know numerous things but are not expert and might make mistakes.

3. Further, there are deadlines to deliver the project on time. So increasing pressure and workload conduct in no time to check, compromise on quality and incomplete systems. So this leads to occurrence of Bugs.

Some common types of software bugs

1. Use of Division by zero
2. Infinite loops
3. Result of Arithmetic overflow or underflow
4. Always Exceeding array bounds
5. Always Use of an uninitialized variable
6. Result on Buffer overflow
7. Deadlock
8. Damage or loss of precision in type conversion

At end we conclude that bugs found earlier in project and product always reduces the fixing cost.

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